Advancing Zero Hunger, Globally

PIMCO works alongside global partners to alleviate hunger.

Global Impact

Partnering to Provide for Those Most in Need

PIMCO is committed to UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger by improving nutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting food banking globally to redirect food to those in need. We leverage our human capital, philanthropy and influence to make a sustainable impact.

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2.37 Billion People

in the world experience food insecurity
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1 in 9

of the world faces chronic hunger
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More than 1.3 billion

tons of food is lost or wasted
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Source: Global Food Banking Network, 2021

Zero Hunger Partnership

PIMCO seeks to address global hunger by supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal, SDG 2: Zero Hunger and partnering with The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN).

While food insecurity exists in all areas of the globe, it is most concentrated among the most economically vulnerable. To help global communities suffering from hunger and poverty gain better access to food, in 2021, PIMCO Foundation reinvested in the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) with a commitment of $10 million over the next five years. This investment marks the largest investment in PIMCO Foundation’s history.

Key goals of PIMCO’s partnership with GFN over the next 5 years include:

  • Improving food access for an additional 3.28m people and distributing an additional 17.9 million kilograms of food
  • Significantly scaling impact in Colombia, Guatemala, and India through long-term investment strategies
  • Accelerating nine emerging food bank networks in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa in areas with chronic hunger rates greater than 9%
  • Launching 6-10 start-up food banks, as the founding funding partner, to grow food banking in underserved communities where it does not exist, and where patient capital is required for significant, long-term impact.

In 2022, PIMCO launched the Reimagining Greener Solutions to Hunger challenge, a multi-company project comprised of colleagues from PIMCO, Bayer, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Western Digital, who came together to provide solutions to help GFN "green" its operations. The project was also in partnership with PYXERA Global.

Global Activation

  • Since 2018, we have committed $13.5 million to the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) in support of their mission to nourish 50 million of the world’s hungry by 2030 through uniting and advancing food banks. We take a long-term view of our partnership and its potential impact on world hunger.
  • Addressing Food Deserts - In 2018, PIMCO partnered with the Orange County Food Bank to launch a mobile food pantry to help feed food deserts in Orange County.
  • From packing food to conducting market analysis to pro bono projects and collaborating with our clients, we act to help food banks build capacity.
  • Strategic Leadership – In 2018, Sachin Gupta, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, joined GFN’s board of directors. In 2021, Marcio Borgorcin, Executive Vice President and head of the global wealth management group in Hong Kong and Singapore, joined GFN’s Southeast Asia Stakeholder Council.
  • Annual Signature Food Packing Event – Over the last decade, colleagues from PIMCO’s California, New York, Texas, Toronto and Asia Pacific offices have come together to pack critical meals through our signature event. Through this initiative to date, PIMCO has donated over $3,613,500, mobilized 9,230 volunteers, family and friends, and packed 174,200+ food boxes, sacks and meals, collectively impacting more than 632,783 individuals.
  • PIMCO Pro Bono Corps Project - PIMCO employees from the Hong Kong, Singapore, and Melbourne developed a robust set of best practices and recommendations for utilizing social media for food banks in the Southeast Asia Incubator. The toolkits were later shared with the full GFN network, spanning 40+ countries, due to their transferability and high-quality.
  • Reimagining Green(er) Solutions to Hunger Challenge - Leveraging cross-sector expertise, multi-company pro bono teams with volunteers from PIMCO, Bayer, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Western Digital developed strategies how food banks can continue to expand their service while minimizing their own environmental footprint.
  • We use our voice and influence to build awareness and mobilize action to help advance Zero Hunger.
  • Thought Leadership - Scott Mather, PIMCO’s Chief Investment Officer, and GFN’s CEO, Lisa Moon, joined a webinar hosted by PYXERA Global October 2021 entitled “HUNGER IN A PANDEMIC: How COVID-19 Exposed Existing Inequality in Global Food Systems.” Addressing how global trends in food banking, coupled with climate change, have emerged in the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic and provided many startling statistics.

“Our employees have long supported efforts to alleviate hunger in the communities where we live and work, and this new partnership will allow us to reach even more people in need. By working together with GFN, we are supporting the creation of new food banks where they are most needed and accelerating the development and efficiency of food banks where they already exist, improving their sustainability and long-term impact.”

Emmanuel Roman
Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, and President, The PIMCO Foundation

PIMCO’s Food Bank Partners

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  • Central Texas Food Bank logo
  • Daily Bread Food Bank logo
  • Fare Share logo
  • Feeding Hong Kong logo
  • Australia Food Bank logo
  • Singapore Food Bank logo
  • Food Cloud logo
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GFN’s Innovate to Alleviate 2021 Report

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