Purpose at PIMCO

we give. we act. we advocate.

At PIMCO, we believe our global workforce is not only our greatest strength as a firm, but also a powerful force for creating change in our communities.

Around the globe, our colleagues support causes in their local communities regularly. Whether it’s our London colleagues facilitating employability and IT workshops for the underserved, or our Toronto colleagues painting a shelter for refugees, or our Sydney colleagues mentoring at-risk youth, our PIMCO employees are actively involved in making an impact.

Volunteer Councils, which are employee-driven efforts, in each of our global offices are responsible for the vision and strategy behind our global volunteering.

Outside of ongoing volunteer opportunities, each July our firm teams up for one week of marathon volunteering – our Global Week of Volunteering. During this annual Week, more than 1,000 PIMCO volunteers get out en masse in the community to teach, cook for, renovate with, and encourage our neighbors. It’s a week with a particularly special focus on raising awareness for complex global challenges.

In addition to global volunteer efforts, we also operate PIMCO Foundation entities in Europe. Our London-based PIMCO Foundation Europe and our Germany-based PIMCO Treuhandstiftung have been in existence since 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Below are a few of the organizations we support.